The Swedish GeoGebra Institute proudly welcomes you to participate in the Twelfth Nordic-Baltic GeoGebra Conference which will be held in Stockholm on October 27th – 29th 2023.

The main theme for the conference is ”Teach the Teachers”. With this, we want to signal that we want to be able to provide teachers with insights and hands-on experiences that are directly useful to them in the classroom.

The full conference fee will be 275 €. However, if you contribute with an approved short talk, a longer talk or a workshop, the conference fee will be reduced to 175 €.

Also, teacher students who can show that they are indeed currently engaged in full time teacher training can attend the talks for 30 €/per day or 50 € for the full weekend. This offer only encompasses the actual lectures and does not include travel, hotel, social activities, travel card, welcome reception, conference dinner, lunch or coffee. Furthermore, the number of such tickets is limited and allocated on a first come, first served basis.

There is also a separate follow-up teacher training day on Monday October 30th, which will be held in Swedish only. This will focus on hands-on workshops on how to use GeoGebra in the classroom, how to make constructions in GeoGebra and how to find help resources online. This event is free of charge for those participating in the full conference. For others, the cost is SEK 1350 which includes lunch. Welcome!

The Twelwth Nordic Baltic GeoGebra Conference is arranged by The Swedish GeoGebra Institute. Funding was provided by Nordplus Horizontal. The Swedish Mathematics Teachers Association provided helpful support just when we needed it.

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